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Language in Comics? – A reader on the Geoff Johns board talks about dropping the Green Lantern Corps mini series. Not because he isn’t enjoying the story or art, but because one of the characters said “God Damned,” which goes against his personal beliefs.

It actually made me pause and think for a few minutes on how I thought about it. For him personally this was a line crossed, and I can appreciate that, as it is good to have a standard that you’ll stick with.

I’m usually not much for extreme language either, and times certainly has changed to the point where something like this didn’t even come to my mind when reading it in the comic.

Yet I think for me, it depends on whether what is said or done is true to the character. In this case it was Green Lantern Guy Garnder, one of the most politically incorrect and obnoxious characters created in the past few decades.

So him saying something like that, is completely different than say Superman saying the same. Just as while Wolverine can kill someone in a comic, if Spider-Man did the same it would be very inappropriate.

Elsewhere, Johanna Draper Carlson discusses the plusses and minuses of publishers and creators sending PDF preview copies of their work to retailers and reviewers.

She seems to cover all of the bases quite well. I personally have a hard time getting into comics on the computer screen, though as time goes on and I read more that way that is changing. Yet know how much easier and cost effective it has to be for it to be done this way.

Plus for reviews and retailers who already have a big stack of stuff to keep up with, a PDF is far easier to keep up with than a comic would be.


December 28, 2005. Link Blogging.

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